Monday, April 16, 2007

Publication Madness

The few loyal readers may have noticed the posting schedule quickly went off-kilter. My original aim of posting weekly fell by the wayside in February, but not without good cause. I can now happily reveal that I was attempting to congeal the best of the clowning adventures into article form. Those attempts proved successful and today Doublethink, the quarterly publication of America's Future Foundation, features my piece, "On Being a Clown."

It's the cream of my clowning experience, and may well be the pinnacle of my efforts to record these adventures. Take a look at it and drop me a line if you liked it. I tried to avoid overlap with the stories that I've dropped here, but I assume you'll forgive the occasional duplication.

To new readers curious about the odd nature of this blog, it was previously private, for family and friends, without any grander aim. If you need any introduction to my clowning adventures, the article is actually the best place to start.

Posting here will continue at its delightfully infrequent pace, but I guarantee a couple more stories before July, when Red Tickle Monster will be forced to hang up his jersey for good.